Vacation Photos, Part 1

Here's how this vacation breaks down for me:
1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
2. Everything Else
So that's how I'm going to approach photos. Tonight it will be Potter-y photos and tomorrow night will be everything else.
The entrance to Hogsmeade. Bliss began here.

Peelers posing with the Hogwarts Express. They are working
on an actual train that will run between the two parks!

The whole street was enchanting! I had the biggest grin on my face.

Inside the Three Broomsticks. This is the spot where Professor
Slughorn convenes the Slug Club in the movie.

First good view of Hogwarts Castle. I almost fainted.

Hagrid's Hut. This was along the path to the Flight of the Hippogriff coaster.

Doesn't it look real?!? So amazingly well done!

The entrance to Dumbledore's office. I so wanted to duck
under the rail and take a photo inside the wings!

Geeking out in the Owl Post office. Grin, still firmly in place.

The Monster Book of Monsters. It moved and snarled!

Beautiful! The fake snow was the perfect touch.

This was the funny and friendly guy who worked at the entrance
to the Three Broomsticks (which you can see behind us).

Honeydukes. I just realized that I forgot to buy a Chocolate Frog! DOH!

Zonko's joke shop. They even sold Extendable Ears!

Sign for Hogsmeade Station. This was really full of lockers where
you stored loose items while on the Dragon Challenge - a great roller coaster!

Another view of the Hogwarts Express. Looks like it needs a good washing to make it gleam!

Butterbeer cart. The butterbeer and pumpkin juice were both good, but very sweet!

I told Doug that we should move to Orlando so that I could work
somewhere in Hogsmeade. In reality, I want to live there.

The alley behind Dervish & Banges. Just thought it was lovely. :)

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