Not that my darling children ever try my patience...
Father, I am weak, but You look into my heart and be my help. -- H. C. Andersen

From the beginning of the day, I could tell that my body was coursing with hormones and that irritation (with everything that breathes) was going to be a problem. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would flood me with patience as I spent the day homeschooling my children.

'Cause seriously, PMS and homeschooling are a dangerous combination. But, my God is faithful and gracious and I felt remarkably calm as we navigated our morning. I have cell phone alarms that go off at 10:30, 1:00, 3:30, and 8:30 to remind me to pray throughout the day.

Unfortunately, what tends to happen is that I hear the alarm go off and think, "Oh, it must be 10:30," (or whatever time) and then I go on with my life. Only occasionally do I remember to stop what I'm doing and take 30 seconds to connect with God.

Today was no different. As the day went on, I ignored my prayer reminders and grew slowly less patient. I never got hostile or irrational -- these things are NOT beyond the realm of possibility on Hormone Days -- but I was definitely agitated by the time we finished our work.

It was only after things were all said and done that I wondered how much better my day might have been if I'd prayed for the Spirit's help continuously. It's not that God was taking his Patience away because I wasn't asking anymore or that He ran out of patience Himself.

God is limitless and forgiving. But the water won't slake your thirst if you don't pick up the glass and drink!

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