Long Overdue

It has been far too long since I updated this blog. I've been spending more time on other sites and I really must put a stop to that! Things have been completely insane around here.

Doug is in Japan right now on a business trip. He's been gone for just under a week and won't be back until Thursday. Our whole stinkin' family fell apart after he left, but I'll go into that more later. He's working hard at his new job with IDT, but finding it somewhat stressful. He's responsible for creating the roadmap for a whole new product line and that's not easy! He's been fairly stressed over all this buying and selling of houses too. We've already closed on the new house, we close on our current house July 6th, and we will all be glad once the Forsythe house is gone and done with too.

Lila is just getting over strep throat, but is nearly back to normal. She's having a bit of a tough time adjusting to all these changes, but she's a resilient girl and will be back to herself within a few months, I expect. She had her last gymnastics class today and handled it rather well. She's already talking about finding a new gymnastics school and a new teacher near our new house. The girl LOVES gymnastics. She also loves little tiny women (named Cinderella and Belle) and Pet Society on Facebook. I finally had to create my own pet on Doug's login because I got tired of sharing with her!

Eli is doing something new every day. He is SO close to walking. He just got his fifth tooth this week (my theory: it was the cause of the ear infection that he also had). He's starting to say a few words. His version of Mommy: Ama (AH-mah). It's way too cute! He also meows at the cats and says Lila, all done, night-night, and probably a few other things, but he refuses to repeat them for me. He's still got the biggest smile in the world and he still makes that awful raptor/predatory bird noise when he's angry or frustrated. He loves to put one toy inside another and has been very helpful with packing and putting things in drawers. In fact, there is one drawer that we've learned to check anytime something goes missing.

I would say that I've been great, but that wouldn't really be true. A couple of weeks ago, I had a nasty bladder infection that had me in bed with a high fever for two or three days. This week, I got the flu for the first time I can remember. Headache, fever, cough, sore throat, chills, sweats, body aches, you name it. I was completely incapacitated for four days, but I'm starting to recover now. I still sound terrible, but I feel well enough to take care of my kids again. Many thanks to Grammie and Papa Joe for coming up and helping while we were all puny. When I have NOT been laid up in bed with a fever, I have been trying to prepare for our move to the new house, which takes place... in four days!!!

So, to put it all together, Doug left for his business trip, and the next day I started coughing and Eli came down with a fever. Enter the flu and Eli's ear infection. The day after that, Lila developed a fever. That would be the strep. Ack! Crazy!

I know this wasn't the most eloquent post, but I'm still really not feeling well, so it's the best I can do for now.


Sad Pet News

We found out yesterday that our sweet little hedgehog, Hurley, is not going to be with us much longer. He has cancer, probably in several places. The vet sent us home with steroids to help him feel better for a while and then he will either pass on his own or we will have to put him to sleep. We are all very sad because we love our little prickle-puss...

Puffa-puffa, stick-stick, Hurley! XOXOXOXO



Do you ever have a day that just makes you want to cry? Yeah, I'm having one. There's not any one major bad thing that's happened. It's more the accumulative effect of 100 little things that have gone wrong (or just not gone the way i expected).

No one has come to look at our house for nearly two weeks. I'm sick of cleaning it every time we want to go somewhere, just in case a realtor does call. Eli only took a 30 minute nap this morning. Lila said she didn't want to bring her snack and drink out of the car and then decided she was thirsty (and later hungry) almost as soon as we got to the playground. Lila wanted to sit on the bench beside me, rather than playing. I couldn't put Eli on the ground because there were ants. Lila wanted to be pushed on the swings while I was in the middle of giving Eli his snack. Eli spilled water all over himself. Eli fell over my legs and scraped his face on the sidewalk. Lila didn't want to leave the park. I hadn't been dressed for two hours before I had a mysterious substance crusted onto the shoulder of my shirt. Eli fell asleep in the car, just before we made it home to eat lunch. Lila refused to eat because I cut her sandwich into triangles the 'wrong way'. Lila decided she wanted to eat her lunch AFTER quiet time. Lila decided she wanted to eat her lunch BEFORE quiet time. Lila threw a fit when I put her in quiet time. Lila wanted me to bring her books into quiet time, but refused to ask politely. Lila made so much noise with her fit that she woke Eli up from his nap after only 15 minutes or so. Lila finally asked politely for her books, then got angry because I brought her the WRONG Bible. Eli wouldn't go back to sleep (or couldn't because of the continued fit throwing). Lila threw toys against the wall. Lila wouldn't stay in the room. Lila threw more toys. Lila threw books. Eli made a giant mess of me, himself, the high chair, and the table as he ate lunch. I discovered a small hole in one of the two pair of short pants that fit me. The house is still a mess, so we can't go anywhere this afternoon until I get it cleaned up. I'm not going to get any sort of break from the kids because I took away Lila's daily video when she was throwing her fit. I went to tell Lila that her quiet time was over and found that she'd thrown all her toys and books in the floor as well as pulling all the sheets, blankets, and pillows off the bed and throwing them in the floor (then she passsed out on top of the pile, which i have to admit is cute).

What I should be doing right now is waking Lila up so that she doesn't have trouble going to sleep at bedtime, but I decided to type out this post first. I needed to vent and I needed a few more minutes of peace before I wake her up and deal with the drama that is sure to follow. (after all, her lunch is now cold and she doesn't get to watch a video. no good can come of that.)


Have you ever seen a sheep give birth to a cat before?