I am loving the cold weather we're finally having in Austin except for one thing. I'm tired all the time! I mean, more so than usual. I'm always a tired person with a disturbing ability to sleep, but I've been walking around feeling drugged for the past week. Still, that's just one complaint. The list of things I love about cold weather is much longer!

I didn't watch the whole game last night (Texas vs. Nebraska), but what I did watch was annoying. I can't believe we were nearly kept out of the championships by a team that's nowhere near us in the rankings! I thought for sure we were going to lose it. In fact, I'm not sure we should have won. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that we won, but I'm not so confident in the way that we did it. Oh well, I'm sure I'll have forgotten by the time I'm watching us play in the Whatever Bowl!

Well, now there's been an hour delay while we ate dinner (Hawaiian Pork Ribs, avocado, and blackberries) and it's time for the kids to start heading for bed. Doug is the Putter-to-Bedder, but I also need to take a shower. I've just discovered how luxurious it feels to take a shower in the evening. I don't have to worry about anyone starting to cry or needing me while I'm bathing and I get to go straight into my jammies when I'm done! :)