Oh the possibilities...

I'm tired and I don't even want to be looking at this computer screen, but it's been over a week since I posted an update. I don't want to get lazy about it and suddenly realize it's been three months since I wrote anything. It shouldn't matter, since I do this mostly for myself, but I feel guilt anyway. For one thing, this blog is the closest thing to a "baby book" that I've ever kept for the kids. When I'm faithful at updating it regularly, it's even better than a baby book. I'm still kicking myself for letting it sit, untouched for almost two years!

Anyway, in case I haven't mentioned it recently, I'm still freaking out about Eli starting pre-kindergarten in the fall. I'm no longer worried about him being ready. I think he'll have his struggles, but he's going to love it, overall. I'm more worried about ME not being ready. I joked recently that I should probably not go out in public on the first day of school or I might end up snatching the first infant I see. Then again, if I stay home all day, I might end up putting Gypsy in a tiny dress and trying to pass her off as my child.

How is my baby turning 5 years old?!?

I'm trying to get excited about all the things I'll have time to do. Things like... umm... you know... uhh... Oh! I could join BSF again! That might be a really good idea, actually! And Irene and I have talked about having lunch every week (or at least every other week). I could have a weekly mom date! Focused and uninterrupted conversations are a rare treat, particularly while it's still light outside. As long as I don't start watching daytime soaps and talk shows all day, I think I'll be okay.



I finally got some photos of my new little friend today!

She has gotten familiar enough with me that I felt comfortable letting Lila hold her. With my hands free, I was able to snap a few pictures.

So here's Gypsy Pig! She looks a bit suspicious of the situation...

As you can see, her fur is mostly black.

She does have a couple of cute splashes of color though.

My favorite is her one white foot!

She's also got some reddish-brown fur on the back of her neck.

What you can't really see in these photos is the way she has tiny streaks of the same reddish-brown throughout her fur.


Spring Break

We spent most of the past week out of town and it was so busy and (at times) stressful that I never even thought about my blog! Briefly...

Doug had his vasectomy and "recovered" by purchasing a new toy for himself.

We took Irene out for breakfast on her birthday and discovered a great new GF restaurant in the process.

We went to Tuesday Morning to exchange some towels and I got my first new purse in years (because the old one was starting to fall apart).

We drove to Dallas and stayed with the Keith Peelers for a few days.

The kids had tons of fun and only one person ended up with a lasting injury (that would be Lila, with a Beyblade to the forehead).

I fell in love with a quirky little guinea pig and then felt very sad when I couldn't buy her (skin irritation - they couldn't sell her until it cleared up).

We went to the Perot Science and Nature Museum, which was... a science and nature museum.

We had dinner at Iron Cactus downtown where we dared to put all the children at one table and the adults at another.

Actually, I guess Lila's forehead bruise was not the only injury. Eli slipped and bruised his ribs pretty hard on a big rock outside the restaurant.

We went to the Dallas Zoo - the highlights being the lions that were laying around like giant housecats and the koalas that Eli found so cute that he started squealing.

We had an ice cream date with an old friend who I hadn't seen in WAY too long.

We transferred to my dad's house where we spent the next three nights (this was the stressful part).

We worked together with my step-mother to determine that the doctors were giving Daddy too much Xanax.

He got a lower dose of the medication and his lucidity and personality quickly improved.

We had a Merry Easter Christmas celebration with my mom.

I went with Daddy and Susan to meet a naturopathic doctor and I'm really hoping they will both decide to see her regularly.

Personally, I liked the doctor (kate naumes - if you're in the dallas area, look her up) so much that I want to find a good naturopath in Austin for our own little family.

We drove back home to Austin where my puffy-headed husband got a haircut and I bought a guinea pig.

I have named my little piggy Gypsy and I'm working hard to gain her trust.

We had dinner with Doug's parents and their good friend from Rhode Island.

And then today... life as normal. There was school for Lila, work for Doug, and a work-out and trip to the grocery store for Eli and myself.




Eli talks a lot when we are at home and he says "the darndest things." When we are in public, he goes mute and slightly feral. Last night, we asked him to give his dinner order to our waitress. He plastered on a manic grin, turned bright red, and tried to shove his head behind my body.

If there are more than three people in a room, he tries to climb my body to get into my arms. It's like walking around with a monkey who's not particularly well-trained.

I totally get it though. I don't like talking to strangers either. And a room full of people, all milling around and chatting, is enough to give me a minor anxiety attack. I guess he's taking after me in that respect. (Best of luck to you, my friend.)

I just hope that he learns to place an order at a restaurant without having a stroke or creeping out the waitress!


Every. Day.

Eli eats the same thing for lunch every day. A peanut butter and pepperoni sandwich. Peanut butter on both pieces of bread, so that the whole thing sticks together. Four slices of pizza-sized pepperoni in the sandwich. Four extra pieces on the side. Sandwich cut into four triangles.

This meal is now referred to in our house as The Usual. (Or, if you're Eli, it's The Noozhul.)

I always present this food on a plate, in some artful arrangement. (Or not.)

He always does the following:

First, he rearranges the food elements. Two sandwich triangles go at the top of the plate, for eyes. One triangle goes in the middle, for a nose. The extra pepperoni is lined up along the bottom of the plate, for a mouth.

The fourth sandwich triangle stays in his hand. He eats this one immediately, all the way up to the crust. (And he gets every bit of soft bread off that crust.) Then he pulls the crust apart into several pieces and sprinkles them along the top of the plate, for hair.

The face is complete.

Now he begins eating the face. First one eye, then the other, then the nose. Each sandwich piece is eaten down to the crust, then the crust is torn apart and added to the pile at the top of the plate. Finally, he eats the pepperoni slice mouth.

When he is finished, there is just a pile of torn-up bread crust on his plate.

He then declares, "I won!" (no matter how many times I point out that meals are not a speed competition and/or that it's not exactly a fair match when he begins eating before anyone else).

Lunch is over.


Back in the Saddle

I had a superb weekend with my dear friends!

I am an introvert and my natural tendency is to withdraw and isolate myself, particularly if I'm tired or overwhelmed. I have two small children, so I spend much of my time in that state. At the end of the day, all I want to do is sit on my butt and not talk to anyone.

I know that community is important and it is a vital part of the way that God has created all of us. I used to be part of weekly small group meetings, both as an attender and as a leader. Hanging out together, laughing, discussing life, discussing God, reading the Bible together, praying together and for one another. These are life-giving things! Even introverts need other people.

Over the past few years, I have given in to numerous excuses for not pursuing this kind of community. We changed churches and I wanted to get a feel for the church before I decided where to get plugged in. (It's been two years. That excuse is officially dead.) (Wait. Maybe it's been three years...) It's too difficult to find a small group with child care and I don't like to pay for a babysitter. (Wah.) I don't want to join a women-only small group because I'm intimidated by a group of all women. (Well, that's true, but it's not a sufficient excuse.) I don't want to join a co-ed small group without Doug because that would be awkward. (Eye roll.)

You get the idea.

The result is that I haven't been in community for a few years and my soul is suffering for it. I am aware of this.

This weekend, I was reminded of the beauty of living in community with others and it has left my heart longing for more.

We didn't have an agenda or a schedule. We were just three good friends, hanging out and giving ourselves the opportunity for deep conversation and deep laughter. I want more of that! It's time to take a step forward and find a group to get involved in.

I'm finally listening, God. Thank You for your Faithfulness and Persistence!