[sigh] I just created a post and then tried to publish it only to discover that i had lost the internet connection for some reason. so, everything that i typed disappeared.

here's the short version - doug's home. i'm happy. he's tired, but happy. the baby and i are fine. next doctor's appointment is on friday.

I'll write more tomorrow and hopefully the computer won't eat it then.


Well, I spent most of last week sad and anxious because of Doug's impending business trip. Now he's gone to Taiwan (left on saturday will be back this coming saturday) and I'm doing alright. I'm sad at the moment, but overall I'm doing much better than I did when he left last year. Thankfully, he's only gone one week this time and he'll be in one place the whole time he's gone. :)

As for Baby P, all's well. There's really not much going on right now. Well, actually there's a whole lot going on inside, but nothing I can see or feel. This is crazy though - did you know that at this point (15 weeks), if I shine a flashlight at my abdomen the baby will move away from the light. What I want to know is who the heck goes around shining a flashlight at their pregnant belly?


I forgot to tell you - Doug's laptop showed up later that morning. Apparently someone else did grab it, thinking it was their own. Whew!
Well, this time it's been a while since I posted because I just flat out forgot about my blog for a while. Since I've been feeling better, I've also been doing more. Being more busy means that I tend to forget about other things. Only so much room in my brain, apparently. Especially since I have a baby stealing my brain cells!

Anyway, I'm officially in my second trimester now and continuing to feel better and better. I have have recently developed a little tiny tummy pop. I think I'm the only person who can tell though. Other than that, there's not much to report.

Happy Valentine's Day to all who are reading this on Monday! Doug is planning some sort of romantic evening at home tonight. All I really know is that he's cooking and I have presents. I'll keep you updated (if appropriate)... :)


Doug's laptop just got stolen at work! He went to the restroom, set it down, went into a stall and did his business, and when he came back out it was gone! Crazy! There is really very little he can do without a computer. Hopefully it was just someone who picked his up thinking it was theirs or some kind of innocent mistake like that and it will be cleared up soon. He needs his computer to work!

When I talked to him a little while ago, he was planning to go ahead and go work out and see if it turns up during that hour. If he comes back and still no computer... I don't know what he'll do. Maybe he'll have to come home. That would break *my* heart! If he still feels like he needs to work, he could do laundry with me. :o)~

Ooh, I just offended Cordelia by not letting her jump up into my lap. Alas.


Nothing terribly exciting to report today. Things are still getting better. I did have a really bad day on Friday, but that could have been a bug of some kind. Things are great today. Our baby is now the size of a jumbo shrimp. (where do they come up with these things??) I find that comparison a little disturbing because I find shrimp disturbing. But if it helps you, then go with it. :) In case you were wondering, it is safe for a pregnant woman to eat two servings of shrimp per week. That's assuming that you are not allergic to shrimp. This matters very little to me as I wouldn't eat shrimp even if I weren't allergic to them!

Doug and I began the process of registering for baby stuff this weekend. We are taking this in veeery small steps so that we don't lose our minds like we did registering for our wedding!


Well, I had my second appointment with the doctor yesterday. Everything seems to be fine. She was properly disturbed by my bloody eye and advised that I not throw up anymore. I told her I'd work on that.

We got to hear the heartbeat, which was very cool. Of course. I got spoiled with getting to actually see the baby with my first visit and the follow-up ultrasound. I won't get to see it again though for a couple of months.

I also discovered that I've actually lost 4 pounds in the past five weeks. I'm not sure how since I've been eating every two hours and only working out about once a week! Plus, the only changes I've seen in my body are enlargements and thickening. Oh well, I'll be gaining plenty of weight soon enough!