Charlie helping Doug wake me up. When this picture was taken, I was trying very hard to ignore the fact that I had a large cat on my face. Posted by Hello


Well, there's not much going on to talk about right now. But, I haven't posted in a couple of days, so I thought I'd better say *something*.

We've actually been hanging out with friends again lately. Our schedule has been so icky for a while that we haven't really had time to do much extraneous socializing. But this weekend was actually not packed out, so we were able to share meals with a couple of friends. It's nice to see people... :)

Our neighbors across the street have two cats, named Baby and Kitty. Baby has decided that we're her back-up humans. Whenever our neighbors are out of town, we take care of the kitties. Now Baby has decided that she can come to our place and bring us home whenever she wants. We'll go out into the front yard and she'll come jingling across the street and try to get us to follow her back. She's quite cute - a little thing with no tail. And she likes to do these power meows that are like one long string of sound. "MOWwowWOWwowWOWwowWOW!"


P.S. - Did you know that a sleeve is a very good place to stick your head?
Well, I'm feeling *better* today, so I'll go off strike. It's just been a cold or allergies or something. Whatever it was, it got Doug and I both. However, Doug got it less severely and then got better very quickly. Curse my immune system!

I just had a very pointy cat on my back. I'm at the computer (OBVIOUSLY), and that means I'm not paying attention to Cordelia. As this is an unacceptable arrangement, she's been trying to get my attention. She was up in my lap earlier, but eventually left to chase orbs. When she came back this time, I was scooted forward in the chair and leaned forward over the desk. Since she couldn't get into my lap, she jumped up onto the chair seat behind me. This was fine - in fact it was cute. What was not cute was when she proceeded to jump up on to my back, thereby stabbing me repeatedly with her magical fast-sharpening claws.

Oh and now she's back and has just jumped into my lap again. She's so persistent! I hope she does not now believe that jumping on my back will make me open up a lap for her!


I'm sick. I refuse to publish any further posts until I'm well.


More proof that our cats are weird: I got up around 4 o'clock this morning to go to the restroom and when I came back to bed I had a unique experience. I was hot, so I put my feet out from under the covers. Then Cordelia started licking the bottom of my foot! I think she was grooming me. She was just licking and licking and occasionally nibbling. This eventually began to tickle, so I tried to pull my foot away, but she put her paw around it and held it in place. It would have been cute if it hadn't been so strange and if it hadn't been taking place at 4 a.m.!
We lived through another wedding this weekend. This one was in San Antonio. We had some time to kill on Saturday, so we went and saw Shrek 2. It was great! I wouldn't say it was any *better* than the first movie, but it was definitely AS good. Puss was great! There were, of course, plenty of digs at other movies and stories and there was actually less potty humor in this one! :)


Bride and Groom with unruly attendants. Posted by Hello

Pretty bouquet. Pretty dress. Pretty bride. :) Posted by Hello

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Priddy! Posted by Hello

Emma the Flower Girl and Brendan the Ring Bearer Posted by Hello

Wayne and Karen at the rehearsal. Posted by Hello

The wedding. Posted by Hello
Some tidbits...

I missed seeing Jessica Simpson at Petco today by about 2 minutes. The staff was all star struck. I don't have any particular opinion about Jessica, but meeting her in person would have been interesting.

I can't stand System of a Down. If you like this band, please skip to the next paragraph because I'm about to vent. The song writing is pretentious. The vocals are painful. The music is like a poor imitation of someone else's work. Why are they popular!?!

My brother's wedding went well. The couple is now married and off enjoying Disney World! I might post some photos . . . if I can remember how to do it.

One July wedding down, two to go...


I must share with you the entertaining way that I injured myself this morning. It happened while I was in my closet, putting on my shorts (how's that for a great setting). I put one leg through the shorts successfully. However, the foot of my other leg got hooked into the wrong pantleg and I fell over! I have a bruised knot on my forearm (that hit the doorframe, i think) and a teepee shaped scratch on my bum (that hit the corner of a wooden box)! After I was through saying, "OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!," I started laughing. If you can't laugh at yourself... well, life won't be so fun. Charlie took advantage of the situation by trying to sneak into the closet past me. No such luck!

I had a second sleep study done Tuesday evening through yesterday afternoon. The overnight part went much better this time. The daytime part was rather torturous.


Hey, it finally stopped raining! And there's not even any rain in the forcast. Watch - we had about 15" of rain in June and now we won't get one drop in July! :o)~

By the way, in case you needed to know, it is not worth it to drive to a shop on the other side of town just because they have the best prices. Especially not when you're in Austin and in order to get to said shop you have to go south on I-35! I just spent 30-40 minutes in traffic to get down to a little shop where we took a couple of pair of pants to be hemmed. I'm pretty sure the gas to go and return twice must have doubled the cost!

I'm planning to enter a fiction writing contest that I found out about. I will have to submit a 1500 word short story and I've already spent a lot of time thinking about what my story will be. I think my most creative juices flow around 11 p.m.