Well, I'm feeling *better* today, so I'll go off strike. It's just been a cold or allergies or something. Whatever it was, it got Doug and I both. However, Doug got it less severely and then got better very quickly. Curse my immune system!

I just had a very pointy cat on my back. I'm at the computer (OBVIOUSLY), and that means I'm not paying attention to Cordelia. As this is an unacceptable arrangement, she's been trying to get my attention. She was up in my lap earlier, but eventually left to chase orbs. When she came back this time, I was scooted forward in the chair and leaned forward over the desk. Since she couldn't get into my lap, she jumped up onto the chair seat behind me. This was fine - in fact it was cute. What was not cute was when she proceeded to jump up on to my back, thereby stabbing me repeatedly with her magical fast-sharpening claws.

Oh and now she's back and has just jumped into my lap again. She's so persistent! I hope she does not now believe that jumping on my back will make me open up a lap for her!

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