I must share with you the entertaining way that I injured myself this morning. It happened while I was in my closet, putting on my shorts (how's that for a great setting). I put one leg through the shorts successfully. However, the foot of my other leg got hooked into the wrong pantleg and I fell over! I have a bruised knot on my forearm (that hit the doorframe, i think) and a teepee shaped scratch on my bum (that hit the corner of a wooden box)! After I was through saying, "OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!," I started laughing. If you can't laugh at yourself... well, life won't be so fun. Charlie took advantage of the situation by trying to sneak into the closet past me. No such luck!

I had a second sleep study done Tuesday evening through yesterday afternoon. The overnight part went much better this time. The daytime part was rather torturous.

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Anonymous said...

wow - angela - that injury took skills. maybe you should have doug pad the closet with matresses or something so you don't hurt yourself. Glad you survived the sleep study. did you sleep :0)
did you get the petsitting check I sent with jana monday? sorry it was late. eben and ryanne talk of you often :0)