The kids and I just got home from the library. While we were there, Lila was wearing her princess shoes and complaining that they hurt her feet. Once we got in the car, I said to her, "Good. Now you can take those pesky shoes off!"

Her reply: "Why are there pesks all over them?"

Good question, Lila! I don't know.


So Over It

Okay, I cannot believe that it's been two weeks since I posted anything to this blog. Hmm... it's also been about two weeks since our house went on the market. A coincidence? I think not.

I am so over this House-Showing business. I love having a clean house. And it's much easier to keep a house clean than to get it that way. That part is fine. It's the fact that we can't leave the house without it being spotless that I hate, and let me tell you why. My children have radar. They know when I'm trying to clean the house so we can leave and that's when they lose their minds.

It's not just any old cleaning that does this to them. If we have no plans to go anywhere, Eli will play with his toys and let me do house work. But if it's the cleaning that takes place before leaving the house, he has to follow me around and scream bloody murder the whole time. This makes Lila and I both irritable, which leads to confrontations between us and it all goes downhill from there.

Anyone want to put me out of my misery and buy our house? :)


On the Market

As you can see from the modest sign in our front yard, the house is officially on the market. It went on the MLS Saturday and we just had our first people come and view it this afternoon. I was expecting to have to disappear whenever people came, but this realtor insisted that I did not have to leave. I was going to do so anyway, but he called from in front of the house (instead of before they left to come here) and said, "I'm here!"

I'm thinking it's really best for everyone that we not be home for future visitors though. It was just strange. They were being quiet, probably so that we couldn't hear their comments (though they seemed to be speaking another language anyway), and only stayed about five minutes. If I were not here, I would know nothing of this and just be curious. Instead, I'm convinced that the guy hated the house and am obsessing over why. I do NOT need anything new to obsess over!

I was thinking this would be fun - having people come to look at the house. Now I'm thinking it's going to make me crazy until the place sells. Not because I'm worried that it won't sell, but because I'm going to be wondering what it was about my house that each person didn't like. I'm just a little bit of a perfectionist, you know.


Too much.

I am so mentally exhausted that I really don't know what I'm going to say here, but I know I need to give everyone some kind of update! On top of everything that's going on with getting the houses ready to sell, Eli got sick this week. He had a high fever on Monday and Tuesday and spent most of his time laying on one of us or sleeping. His fever went away on Wednesday, but he developed a cough. This morning, I noticed he was wheezing.

I had put off taking him to the doctor because I knew they'd just say he had some virus and there was nothing they could do about it. When the wheezing popped up, that was my signal that it was time to go in just to be sure. So I called and tried to make an appointment for this afternoon, but when they heard that he was wheezing, they wanted me to bring him in immediately. Meanwhile, we were trying to have preschool.

Thankfully, the mommy friend who was here to help with Eli during school volunteered to stay home with her daughter and Lila while we went to the doctor. As expected, they couldn't find anything specific wrong with him and said it's probably a virus. They did hear the wheezing, however, and we did a nebulizer treatment there in the office. That was... exciting.

A few months ago, Eli was sick and needed a few nebulizer treatments, so we rented a machine and it all went fine. He seemed to find the experience relaxing and didn't mind it at all. This time, I had to pin his arms to his sides and hold the mask on his face while he screamed like he was being abused - for 15 minutes!!! Even more exciting, they sent us home with our very own nebulizer and we have to repeat this experience every 4-6 hours for three days.

Yipee. Hooray. And we're still trying to get our house in tip-top shape for showing to prospective buyers. Wow. Neat. And we could have people coming to see it as soon as Sunday. Fantastic. I'm exctatic. And did I mention that I need to go grocery shopping and make a separate trip to the pet store for cat food? -- Oops. I just fainted from excitement...


Brief Update

It's a busy weekend around here. Actually, it's a busy time in general. We decided on a house in South Austin that we all love and are set to close on May 29. That means we are now focused on trying to get our two current houses ready to go on the market. I've been scrubbing our living room from top to bottom for two days. I'm decluttering as I go and the room looks fantastic! I need to remember how much I love this simple, minimalist look when we start decorating the new place. Speaking of the new place, here's a photo!

For a quick Eli update: He's finally crawling! And his top front teeth are juuust about to break through. The downside to this is that he's doing a lot of biting and chewing on things... like, while he's nursing. And he thinks it's quite funny when I yelp in pain and surprise. Little imp!

Okay, back to the living room now...