So Over It

Okay, I cannot believe that it's been two weeks since I posted anything to this blog. Hmm... it's also been about two weeks since our house went on the market. A coincidence? I think not.

I am so over this House-Showing business. I love having a clean house. And it's much easier to keep a house clean than to get it that way. That part is fine. It's the fact that we can't leave the house without it being spotless that I hate, and let me tell you why. My children have radar. They know when I'm trying to clean the house so we can leave and that's when they lose their minds.

It's not just any old cleaning that does this to them. If we have no plans to go anywhere, Eli will play with his toys and let me do house work. But if it's the cleaning that takes place before leaving the house, he has to follow me around and scream bloody murder the whole time. This makes Lila and I both irritable, which leads to confrontations between us and it all goes downhill from there.

Anyone want to put me out of my misery and buy our house? :)

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Hope Floats said...

Re: Picture w/your post

I never had any idea he was like that!