For those who don't already know. Doug had his procedure yesterday morning, but they weren't able to get the stone out because it's too big. So the doctor put a stint in and gave him antibiotics and pain medication. The antibiotics are for the infection they discovered when they went fishing around in there. In fact, the doctor was thoughtful enough to give us a color photograph of the puss they found!

The pain medication is, of course, for the pain. And Doug was in a *lot* of it after the procedure. He's feeling much better now, but still walking very... gingerly. He has another procedure scheduled for next Friday to break up the stone so the thing can finally COME OUT! Sheesh! This is the kidney stone that just won't die!

Since we keep talking about how this experience is like pregnancy and labor, Doug has decided to take it to the next level. He has named the stone. It's name is Stone. Original, no? I wanted to get a small rock from the backyard and paint a little face on it, wrap it in a little blanket, and present it to him at the hospital. I ran out of time before leaving the house, but it was just as well since they couldn't get the baby out! :oI~


Well, Doug still hasn't passed his kidney stone. If it doesn't come on its own before then, he has a procedure scheduled for early tomorrow morning to remove it. We are praying that the stone will come out before then, but one way or the other it will be over tomorrow. I'll be so glad and Doug will be even more so! He's been in varying amounts of pain constantly since Saturday night. :(

On a more positive note, I'm very very very excited because I bought a gym membership on Monday! I haven't gotten *good* exercise in nearly a year and a half and havne't gotten ANY exercise in about a year. Now I can go and work out whenever I have the time (probably in the evenings, after Lila's in bed). I wend for the first time last night and it felt so good!!!

Another exciting thing - we have entered the wonderful world of the slow cooker! I bought one a couple of weeks ago and have used it twice so far. I made Beef Bourguinon over the weekend and a Pot Roast last night and both were great! I did have a little mishap while chopping vegetables yesterday that involved a lot of pain and several minutes of bleeding, but that had nothing to do with the Crock Pot itself. :o)~


Doug is working on passing another kidney stone - poor guy! - and I have decided that this is God's way of putting him through a close approximation of pregnancy and labor in a short amount of time. Let's examine the similarities...

* He's been experiencing severe pain at times, during which he was crying and moaning much like I was during heavy labor.
* Off and on for a week and a half, he's had discomfort and pressure in his back and abdomen.
* Because of the backup in his kidneys and the medication they have him taking, he has to keep food in his belly all the time or he gets nauseated. However, he can't eat much at a time and often just the smell of food makes him feel ill.
* He threw up once.
* He had an ultrasound today.
* Last night he had a nest of pillows set up in the bed to make sleeping more comfortable. A nest of pillows so big that it was encroaching on my side of the bed! He hasn't been sleeping well due to discomfort.
* And, to top it all off, if this "baby" doesn't come naturally before Thursday morning, they're going to do a disturbingly invasive procedure to remove it, which will leave his most private parts exposed to many medical professionals.

If this weren't so sad, it would be funny! Actually, Doug does find it kind of amusing. I'm sure he will find it much more amusing once it's all over! :o)~


Cutest baby ever. What more can I say? :) Posted by Picasa

I thought it was high time I took some photos of my first babies! And here's the biggest baby of them all - Charlie. Posted by Picasa

Here is Cordy trying to look serene despite the bright light that keeps flashing in her face. Cute little Fuzz Girl! Posted by Picasa

Baby Einstein - It's not just for babies. This is Cordelia enjoying Baby Mozart. Posted by Picasa

Bathtime is the funnest! (the little red spots on her belly are eczema.) Posted by Picasa


What did Doug and I do before we had Lila? We can't remember! We are having a date tonight and we couldn't come up with anything interesting to do. We finally decided on dinner and an IMAX movie, but that was due to a lack of options. (though i'm sure the movie will be fun - i like imax!)

It seems like all we do these days, if we go out alone, is see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. That's generally fine because we love that place, but we don't want to do the same thing all the time and there are no movies playing right now that we're interested in anyway. Oh well...

Oh, a funny thing about Lila. She knows her name, of course. Don't really know if she knows who Mommy and Daddy are. But here's the funny part - she knows *exactly* who Charlie is! If we say his name, she starts looking for him! How cute is that?!? Also ironic since he is the one who doesn't really like her. He mostly just tries to stay away from her. Cordy secretly likes her and will let her pull out tufts of fur without complaint, but Lila doesn't seem to know Cordy's name. :o)~


I haven't given a real Lila development update in a while, so here you go:

You know how babies around this age like to "stand up" (you hold them upright, but they support their weight with their legs)? Well, Lila won't do it. She *can*, but she chooses not to. If I can get her to stand at all, it is only with her body bent over. That is, her legs are straight and holding her weight, but she's bent at the hips so her upper body is parallel to the ground. Silly girl! :)

However, she's a pro at sitting unsupported and has been for several weeks now. She's a very busy girl! If there's something anywhere near her that she wants, she goes for it! (and you'd be surprised how far she can reach when you're trying to keep something away from her) She hasn't figured out getting from laying down to sitting yet though. Now that she can roll over, she won't stay on her belly long enough to learn how to push up to sitting or onto her hands and knees.

She's already very good with her hands too. She can pick up and manipulate even the smallest things (like little lint balls or strings that i'd really rather she not play with). She can bring a sippy cup (or any cup with handles) to her mouth, but hasn't yet figured out that she has to tip it up to get the liquid out. She just sucks and wonders why nothing is coming out! :) She can also drink from a regular cup with assistance (she prefers cups with nice colors, like blue or red).

She is still exercising those vocal cords by making loud noises - surprisingly loud at times. She's also beginning to discover the joy of banging two objects together. I'd rather her do that than shriek though! She can also travel around even though she's not crawling. She rolls, of course, but she can also cover amazing distances just by wiggling and twisting around!

Lila occasionally goes through a whiney period where she doesn't sleep well (like right now) that I'm assuming is teething, but no actual teeth have been sighted. All in all, she's still the most beautiful and smartest baby around! :)


We had an adventure this weekend. Actually, it started off pretty low-key. Dinner at home on Friday and we watched the episode of 'ER' that I'd recorded the night before. Saturday morning was fine for a while. Then Doug started having pain in his side again - just like when he passed a kidney stone in November (i think that's when it was). We knew there were more stones in there, but the doctor had told him there was little chance they'd work their way out and become a problem. *Wrong!*

The pain continued to get worse and I suggested we go to the emergency room so he could get something for the pain. However, Doug said if it was like last time, then it would be over in a few hours and he could handle it. Well, this was not like last time. The pain just kept getting worse and he finally gave in and said he wanted to go to the hospital. By the time we left the house, he was crying and groaning because he was in so much pain!

After seeing that, I now believe that passing a kidney stone is as painful as being in labor. In fact, I was crying and groaning much like that while I was in labor with Lila! Ick! Anyway, we went to the ER and after what seemed like FOREVER they gave him drugs that took away the pain and made him slightly dopey. As far as we know he still has not passed the stone and the pain comes back periodically. He's armed with pain medication now though, so he's been okay.

He's supposed to go and see his urologist this week to follow up. Personally, I think he should give the doctor a good kick in the butt. Okay, not really, I do think the doctor should at least apologize for being wrong and do something about the other stones that are lurking in there now! Poor Doug... it was so sad to see him lying in a hospital, doped up and in pain. :(


Irene, Doug's mom, and I had a fun adventure yesterday. We took Lila to the park near our house in the afternoon and while we were walking to the playground, we saw an interesting rock sticking out of the ground. It had a vein of pretty blue in it. Irene is a real rock nut and I kind of like them myself, so we stopped to pick it up.

Turned out it was too big to just pick up, so we started trying to dig it out of the ground. All we had to work with was a stick and a smaller rock, so we weren't able to get it out of the ground. (i did manage to get half a dozen ant bites on my knee while trying though.) We gave up and went on with our playground fun.

On our way home from dinner yesterday evening, we made Doug stop by the park so that we could try again. This time I'd brought a spade along to help dig. We still weren't able to get it up though because we could only spend a few minutes trying. Doug was in the car with Lila - she was tired and hungry and he was just tired. So we gave up again and went home.

After Lila was in bed, I went back out to the park with a flashlight, the spade, and some water to loosen up the dirt around the rock. It took me 5-10 minutes, but I *finally* got the thing out of the ground! I filled the hole back in and brought my prize home. Hail the conquering hero!!! :o)~

Irene and I scrubbed most of the mud off of it last night and it is, indeed, an interesting rock. It has been soaking overnight in a bucket of soapy water and I'm going to finish cleaning it up later. I'm excited to see it all clean and in the daylight. I will have to give it a place of prominence somewhere!


Lila did something *very* cute the other day. It was Thursday, when Doug was off work and we were all just hanging out together. She was laying on the bed in the study, playing, and Doug came in and lay down beside her. They were playing together and being silly, etc. I finished up what I was doing and lay down on the other side of her. Now comes the really cute part...

She started rolling back and forth between us and giving hugs! She'd roll over to face me and give me a big hug. Then she'd roll back to face Doug and give him a big hug. She did it several times and it was so sweet! :)

Okay, I am now typing one-handed because I have a baby AND a cat in my lap!Cordy must really be feeling neglected because she's putting up with the uncoordinated smacks and fur pulling which are Lila's attempts at petting.

And speaking of hugs, I just got several more! :)

Lila helping us plan our vacation. Not surprisingly, most of her suggested activities centered around milk... Posted by Picasa

Baby in the lap of luxury. She very much enjoyed bathtime in the giant jacuzzi bathtub! Posted by Picasa

This is a shot from our balcony. Very pretty grounds and the lake in the background. :) Posted by Picasa


Doug, Lila, and I got back from our first family mini-vacation today. We had a great time and we're all very tired! In fact, Lila and Doug are both napping right now. I wanted to take a nap earlier, but now that I have time, I'm feeling alert. Oh well...

We stayed at Vintage Villas on Lake Travis and it was wonderful! We had one of the King rooms (ours was called Laredo). It was quite large - king size bed, sofa, entertainment center, table and chairs, tiny kitchen area. The bathroom had a shower stall and a two-person jacuzzi tub as well as a toilet and two sink vanity. That's actually where Lila slept (heehee).

We put her pack 'n' play in the bathroom and that's where she spent her nights. I felt mildly guilty until Doug pointed out that the room was bigger than her bedroom at home. Plus, if we'd had her in the room with us, then we would have all had to go to bed at 8:30. Anyway, the weather was beautiful and we had a great time relaxing and eating out and playing with our baby girl. And this morning I got to spy on a wedding that was taking place at the Villas. :o)~


So, I exploded a can of soda in our freezer today. Caffiene Free Dr. Pepper, to be exact. You're thinking I put it in there to cool it off and forgot about it, right? Well, no. It's not that simple. I did forget to replace the one I took out for dinner last night and found myself wanting a soda at lunch and not having a cold one. But that's not a huge problem because I know how to cool one down fast.

We have an automatic ice maker that dumps ice into a bucket in the freezer. If you put a can in the bucket of ice and spin it around for a few minutes you'll get a cold soda and an even colder hand. This is what I went to do today. Only - and I'm guessing here because I was only halfway paying attention, having done this so many times, and because it happened so fast - I seem to have dropped the soda heavily onto the corner of a piece of ice. In a split second, this punctured the can and sent Caffiene Free Dr. Pepper spewing all over the inside of the freezer and my arm!

The good news is that I had the door open only enough to let my arm in, so the soda didn't get all over the rest of the kitchen as well. I was so shocked that I just stood there for a minute, staring. Why do things like this never happen to me when someone else is around to witness them?!?

Anyway, I just finished cleaning up the freezer and my right arm is very cold. I'm going to have to dump out the whole bucket of ice because it's now Dr. Pepper flavored. A pleasing hot-weather treat for the fan of Dr. Pepper, but not so good for cooling down your glass of water.



Lila is in love with the Baby in the Mirror. She is also fascinated by the fact that this Baby follows her wherever she goes! :) Posted by Picasa

Bean in the front yard. This was before she started building a nest in her lap. Posted by Picasa

Lila hanging with Teddy and Snoopy. She was severely abusing my poor old teddy bear shortly after this photo was taken. Posted by Picasa
Doug and I got to go on a date Friday night - woohoo! It's funny how I get excited about going out by ourselves, but as soon as we walk out the door I start missing Lila! I usually recover quickly though and I do enjoy our dates. Our dear friend Julie babysat for us this week.

I have tried Persian food several times in the past and never really enjoyed it. However, I decided I'd like to give it one more try on Friday and this time I loved it! I think I had the proper expectations this time - which helped immensely - and I also ordered the right thing. It looked like a grilled doody, but it tasted wonderful! If you live in Austin and are curious, we went to Alborz (on anderson).

After dinner we went to a place called Main Event. It's kind of like Dave & Buster's, only it's much more family-friendly. We randomly bumped into our friends Susan & Andrei and ended up bowling and then playing video games with them. I bowled my worst game *ever*, but it was still lots of fun. Go date night!


Funny Lila tidbits...

Yesterday, Doug, Lila, and I spent some time outside. Doug and I were trimming trees and bushes, etc. Lila got to sit on a couple of blankets in the middle of the yard and play with toys. She was totally diggin' it for awhile. Then she got bored with her toys and started exploring. She discovered that if she pulled on the blanket, she could uncover a veritable cornucopia of fun things - grass, twigs, dead leaves!

She, of course, made this discovery while neither of us was looking at her. So the next time I checked on her, I saw her digging around in the grass and coming up with a twig. When I went to take it away from her, I found a whole stash of little twigs in her lap. It looked like she was trying to build a nest! We watched her for a minute and it was quite funny. She'd fish around until she found something, then pick it up and look at it. She didn't put it in her mouth, just examine it. Then it would go into her lap and she'd start fishing again.

This did, eventually, digress into putting things in her mouth and then we really *really* had to put a stop to it. She was very irritated that I wouldn't let her play in the grass anymore, so she resorted to pulling her hat off and either eating it or tossing it. I was trying to keep the sun off her head, so I kept putting it back on. It was around this time that playing in the yard was no fun anymore... :)

Also, at some point in the past... 72 hours, Lila has discovered her volume control. She has always been a pretty quiet baby, even when she's "talking". But now she has discovered the fun of going, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yippee.

Finally, she was doing very funny things during dinner last night. We went out for Vietnamese noodles - yummy! - and she was at the table with us, in a high chair. I gave her a plastic soup spoon to play with (her third - she'd already dropped the first two onto the dirty floor) and she was merrily chomping on it. Then she put one end of it in her mouth, took away her hands (so that it was dangling from her mouth), and started going, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" I think maybe you just had to be there, but it was VERY funny!

Then she decided that her head was just to heavy to hold up, so she leaned forward and rested her chin on the table. She looked like a little puppy. I was already laughing at her silliness and this just made me laugh more. I was in tears! So then she started giving me this weird look that said, "What's up with you?!?" Which, of course, made me laugh even more.

Ahhh, she's so cute! :)


I am pleased to announce that I'm feeling *much* better! I still can't breath through one side of my nose, but I have a normal amount of energy and brain functioning again. :) I was feeling yucky enough on Wednesday that I just hid in the study, sneezing and sniffling, while our small group met in the living room. Very sad - especially since we had a visitor this week! Alas...

Wednesday was also my friend Alma's birthday - Happy Birthday again, if you're reading this! :)

A while back, I mentioned that I had joined a website/list called FlyLady.net. While, I just finished off my 31 Beginner's Babysteps (the first thing you are asked to do to help you develop routines and habits) and my house is looking so much better! My coffee table, kitchen table, and guest bed are no longer the dumping grounds for STUFF they once were. My study is considerably cleaner and less cluttered than before. I'm still working on things like making my bed and keeping my laundry from getting out of control, but progress has been made!

Cute Lila update - she's starting to try and look around corners and over edges to find people/things that have been passed out of sight. Smart girl!!!


I don't feel well today. I think I'm having an allergy attack. Yucky. Will post again soon. :)