Lila's 4 Month Doctor Visit:

She is now up to 15 lbs. and 25 inches long!
Her head has remained proportionately smallish, so I'm guessing she'll be a petite child like I was.
She got her second round of immunizations which was sad, but she hasn't been as puny this time as she was after the first round.
The doctor did not seem to be concerned about her infrequent poops, so we'll stick with the prune juice torture and hope for the best!
Her shoulders pop a lot, which concerned me, but the doctor said it was probably nothing to worry about since she seemed to have no pain or problems with her arms.
I wondered why she doesn't squeal or laugh a lot (though she does smile often), but the doctor seemed to think she'd start to do that more in the next month and it's also probably just her personality.
As far as I could tell, the doctor didn't check her eyesight or hearing, but both would appear to be fine anyway.
We also talked some about her sleeping habits and decided that the way she does things now is fine.

Good times.


It's been crazy times here in Peeler Land! We had a fabulously busy Christmas weekend in Dallas (see photos below). Lila got so much stuff that we barely fit it all into the 4Runner! She also got more attention than she knew what to do with. Actually, she knew just what to do with it - she ate it up! And now that we're back home, she wants to know where her fan club is!

Now we're working on redecorating the living room and entryway. We're taking down the hideous wallpaper that has been there since Doug moved in and it's a major pain! It will all be worth it though and I'm excited to see things painted and rearranged.

Lila is now consistently rolling over from her belly to her back. And when on her back, she can roll to her side, but still hasn't made it all the way over - probably because she has no desire to be on her belly! She also had her first shower yesterday. While being held, of course. I was afraid she'd be freaked out by it, but she seemed to love it. Even when the water splashed in her face! Cute girl... :)


Here's the final photo - Lila with Aunt Sheila. Like I said, lots of photos of the Bean asleep! Posted by Picasa

Here's Lila snoozing with what looks like a broken neck on the way back to Austin. I don't know how she sleeps like that! Posted by Picasa

This is where Lila spent most of her time when we were at the Priddy Christmas gathering. Her cousin Ashley was definitely hogging the baby! Posted by Picasa

Mommy and baby crashed out together. When she woke up, I brought her into bed with us for family snuggle time, but it turned into family snooze time. Posted by Picasa

The whole Hickock clan. From the left, it's Waylen, Meredith, Teresa, Brent, Coleman, and Ashley. Posted by Picasa

Clearly Waylen is up to something here. He is also very tall. :o)~ Posted by Picasa

The newlyweds. Waylen and Meredith Pape! Posted by Picasa

Lila and Grandmama passed out together. We got a lot of photos of Lila sleeping over the Christmas weekend! Posted by Picasa

Neither of us remember what I was doing before taking this photo, but apparently it was naughty. Maybe it was something that I was *supposed* to be doing, but I was taking silly photos instead! Posted by Picasa

Here's Lila playing with her favorite Christmas item again. Doug says she looks like she's puking foil in this shot - gross. Posted by Picasa

Here's Lila with her (Great) Grandad Dorsey. He thought she was pretty cool stuff! Posted by Picasa

This is Lila on Christmas morning. She was so excited about opening presents that she couldn't even stay awake for the first one! Posted by Picasa

Lila's first purse. Somehow I don't think she'll be carrying that one right away... Posted by Picasa

This was Lila's favorite Chrismtas present - crinkly silver paper. She went so nuts over it that we had to take it away so she'd calm down! Posted by Picasa

Lila's first real Snoopy (i.e., not "baby" snoopy) and Snoopy book. From her Daddy, of course. Posted by Picasa

Daddy and Susan's dog, Rusty, with a camo santa hat and his Christmas bone. To Lila, he will be known as Uncle Rusty. Posted by Picasa

The cool shoes that Hope got for Christmas. I want a pair! Posted by Picasa


Christmas dinner with the Peeler Clan. We had some yummy grub that night! Posted by Picasa

Lila with her Uncle Wayne. It was very cute how much they liked each other! Posted by Picasa

Lila with her Uncle Greg. He is slightly freaked out by her existence and we haven't figured out quite why yet. Posted by Picasa

Lila tearing into a gift. She was really more interested in the paper than the gift, of course! Posted by Picasa

Here's Lila getting some love from Aunt Megan and Hope. Megan will be having their baby girl in about 6 weeks! Posted by Picasa


Lila is 4 months old today! Go Lila! It really feels like she's been around much longer than that though. In a good way, of course. I can't imagine life without her anymore. That's not to say that I don't enjoy getting some time alone occasionally! But sometimes I even miss her when she's asleep - she's just so sweet and cute!

Poor Doug is still super busy this week. I had hoped it wouldn't be so bad for him since half of Dell is already on vacation. No such luck though. He's going to be working his booty off right up until the end. At least Friday is an official holiday! That means we can leave town on Friday morning without him worrying about what he's not getting done at work. Well... I guess he still could worry, but hopefully he won't!


Well, Christmas is almost here! I'm so excited! :) I mostly finished our shopping this morning. There is one person who we are having trouble buying for because we just can't come up with any good ideas, we have a couple of small things left to buy for Lila (even though she doesn't know the difference), and Doug hasn't bought my gift yet - I don't know what it is, but he admitted he doesn't have it yet.

We decided that this year we would give out all of our gifts in baby shower gift bags. This is because (1) we have about 30 of them from all of our baby showers, and (2) this mommy didn't start wrapping soon enough and wouldn't have had time to finish before we leave town on Friday! Plus, I think it's funny. :o)~ Poor Doug has been so busy that he doesn't even feel like it's Christmas. Hopefully this week won't be so bad for him!


12 Days of Christmas, Lila Edition

On the 12th day of Christmas, my Lila gave to me...

12 'Tinky ol' farts
11 Monogrammed blankets
10 Chubby fingers
9 Rapid kicks
8 Baby dances
7 Cute giggles
6 Flying socks
5 Golden pacifiers
4 Gummy smiles
3 Pee-pee diapers
2 Soggy kisses
and a Mega Cute Baby

Lila getting saucy after a meal. Posted by Picasa

Best Christmas Gift Ever! Posted by Picasa

Whuchoo lookin' at? Posted by Picasa