In case you were wondering, I have the smartest baby in the world. :o)~ She figured out how to put the pacifier in her own mouth today. Now, if you're anti-pacifier, then just pretend I'm talking about something else and be excited with me...

We went to the grocery store this morning and she fell asleep while we were there. After we were done and on the way home, she woke up and I heard something that sounded like the pacifier falling out of her mouth. I thought that was a bit odd since I hadn't put the pacifier *in* her mouth, and then I promptly forgot about it. When we got home and I went to take her out of the car, there it was - in her mouth!

I was almost certain that I had not put it there and I just sat and stared at her, trying to decide if I was crazy or if she had done it herself. As if to clear the matter up for me, she took it out and put it back in a couple of times while I watched! I was so excited and proud of her that I almost cried! Such a big girl...!

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