Grammie (a.k.a., Irene - Doug's mom) is coming to visit today. Lila is, I am sure, very excited! Grandparents are the coolest, after all. :)

Have I mentioned here that Doug has kidney stones? Well, he does. He passed one a couple of weeks ago and they sent him for a CT scan to see if there were any more. Turns out he's got a few of them lurking around in there. In both kidneys. So now they are doing tests to see if they are being caused by some sort of metabolic disorder.

If not, and this is most likely, they will just tell him to start drinking lots of water. As for what to do about the ones that are already in there, they haven't decided. One of them is rather large, so I don't think he'll be waiting to pass it on his own. They'll probably do that zappy thing to break them apart. Sounds exciting. Or not.

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