This kid gets smarter by the day! Just in the past couple of days, she's started trying to roll over to get at a toy with both hands! :) She's all smiles when you talk to her and play with her. She still doesn't laugh out loud a lot, but we do get an occasional chuckle. We're reading books to her more often now. It's kind of funny though - she is very interested in the books at night, but during the day she doesn't really get into it.

Sometimes I just read my books out loud to her. She still gets the benefit of my voice and increased vocabulary exposure (don't i sound like an ambitious mommy), but I don't have to continue losing brain cells. The fact that she's trying to roll over is exciting, but also slightly scarey. That means she'll be mobile soon and we'd better get the house child-proofed (at least the lower third of the house)!

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