New Trick

Eli has a new skill! No longer does he flop onto his belly and roll around until he's tired of it, then begin to cry in frustration! Now he very deliberately gets on all fours, lowers himself to his belly, rolls around until he's tired of it, and then pushes himself back into a sitting position (while making so many grunting noises that he sounds like he's in labor)! Hooray!

This morning, we even found him sitting up in bed. I guess it's time to lower that mattress!

He has also started napping for a total of three hours per day, rather than one hour per day. Hot diggity dog! I don't know why, but I'm SO not going to question it! And if the poor child doesn't manage to pop out those top front teeth soon, we may all go insane from the pain of teething. And I'm sure he'll find chewing to be a more satisfying experience once he has teeth on the top and the bottom.

Speaking of naps, why does my body wait until two minutes before Lila's Quiet Time is over before deciding it needs one...?


San Antonio and a New Job

We spent this past weekend (Thursday to Sunday) in San Antonio and had LOTS of fun! As you can see from this photo, our biggest adventure was a trip to Sea World. I have always wanted to go myself and there was no question about whether Lila would love it. Animals and water - what more could she ask for? Well... princesses, maybe... Nonetheless, we had a blast!

We saw shows (watching Shamu and the other killer whales gave me goosebumps!) and rode rides and Lila even got to play in the little kiddie water park. All three of us have pink faces and poor Lila has burned shoulders because the one thing we forgot to bring was sunscreen. Oops! I figured Eli was young enough that he'd be oblivious to the animal shows, but he was just as transfixed as Lila (though he had no idea what he was seeing). He even laughed at the sea lions!

And now we are entering real life again. Today is Doug's first day at IDT! I spoke with him earlier and got the update on his day so far. It's not that exciting, really. He's been filling out paperwork and doing all sorts of other first-day-of-work things. Here's the part that is exciting: After spending 12 years in Cube Land, he has his own office! Woo Hoo!


Easter Weekend

We had a fun Easter weekend here at the Peeler house. On Saturday morning, we went out and looked at a few houses with our realtor. We found out that the one we were most interested in, the one that looked to be nearly perfect, had just gone under contract and was no longer an option. I was SO disappointed! We looked at another one that just wasn't very exciting and smelled vaguely of natural gas.

Then we looked at one that is just amazing! We aren't completely settled on it yet because we need to see what else is out there, but we definitely like it. It's large and has a great yard and amazing curb appeal. The inside is quirky, but in a good way. I don't expect us to find anything we like better, but you just never know...

On Sunday, we started the day off wonderfully - Doug let me have a solid hour to clean the house with no interruptions. Unheard of! It was a beautiful experience. Truly.

We went to church after lunch where Eli took a tumble off a low step and got severe rug burn on his nose. It even bled a tiny bit! That day, it was just very red and we made lots of Rudolph jokes. Sadly, it has looked worse every day since then. The whole end of his nose is now a big dark scab. Add to that the slight shiner that he has from being "accidentally" kicked in the face by Lila and he looks like he's been in the boxing ring! Eli the Bruiser. I'll have to take a photo for posterity.

Oh, and speaking of photos, this one was taken during the egg hunt in our backyard...


If it's not one thing...

Well, I finally got my email inbox under control and today I managed to get through my whole daily cleaning routine... but I haven't touched my blog in a week. [sigh] Oh well!

I'm currently typing this post (obviously), playing Internet Backgammon, and waiting for Doug to finish his Quiet Time so that we can watch last night's episode of LOST. My head feels better than it has in days, thanks to acupuncture, and I'm feeling surprisingly perky given the trouble that the kids have given me/us today. I guess it's just been an all-around good day (notwithstanding the grumpy children)!

I have felt generally more at-ease since Doug accepted a new job. It's still not 100% official, so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to give the name of the company yet... Seeing some return to the familiar in our future has been good for my mental state. I genuinely love adventure in life, but it's routine that gives me a sense of security. That, and knowing that God is ultimately in control and I don't have to be!

Well, Doug appears to be ready to watch LOST, so I'm off...