New Trick

Eli has a new skill! No longer does he flop onto his belly and roll around until he's tired of it, then begin to cry in frustration! Now he very deliberately gets on all fours, lowers himself to his belly, rolls around until he's tired of it, and then pushes himself back into a sitting position (while making so many grunting noises that he sounds like he's in labor)! Hooray!

This morning, we even found him sitting up in bed. I guess it's time to lower that mattress!

He has also started napping for a total of three hours per day, rather than one hour per day. Hot diggity dog! I don't know why, but I'm SO not going to question it! And if the poor child doesn't manage to pop out those top front teeth soon, we may all go insane from the pain of teething. And I'm sure he'll find chewing to be a more satisfying experience once he has teeth on the top and the bottom.

Speaking of naps, why does my body wait until two minutes before Lila's Quiet Time is over before deciding it needs one...?


Anonymous said...

H adorable! Can't wait to see the action in person. I was just thinking about Lila this morning when she first started sitting up in bed - and saying "hi Lila" when someone would walk into her bedroom!

grammie in Houston

Anonymous said...

The first word in my previous comment should have been How - H!