Brief Update

It's a busy weekend around here. Actually, it's a busy time in general. We decided on a house in South Austin that we all love and are set to close on May 29. That means we are now focused on trying to get our two current houses ready to go on the market. I've been scrubbing our living room from top to bottom for two days. I'm decluttering as I go and the room looks fantastic! I need to remember how much I love this simple, minimalist look when we start decorating the new place. Speaking of the new place, here's a photo!

For a quick Eli update: He's finally crawling! And his top front teeth are juuust about to break through. The downside to this is that he's doing a lot of biting and chewing on things... like, while he's nursing. And he thinks it's quite funny when I yelp in pain and surprise. Little imp!

Okay, back to the living room now...


Hope Floats said...

My goodness, what a house! For some reason I was picturing something old and . . . I can't think of the right word. From the outside at least it looks amazing!


martha said...

How beautiful! Is Doug's new job in South Austin? What part of South Austin is the house in? How fun!