On the Market

As you can see from the modest sign in our front yard, the house is officially on the market. It went on the MLS Saturday and we just had our first people come and view it this afternoon. I was expecting to have to disappear whenever people came, but this realtor insisted that I did not have to leave. I was going to do so anyway, but he called from in front of the house (instead of before they left to come here) and said, "I'm here!"

I'm thinking it's really best for everyone that we not be home for future visitors though. It was just strange. They were being quiet, probably so that we couldn't hear their comments (though they seemed to be speaking another language anyway), and only stayed about five minutes. If I were not here, I would know nothing of this and just be curious. Instead, I'm convinced that the guy hated the house and am obsessing over why. I do NOT need anything new to obsess over!

I was thinking this would be fun - having people come to look at the house. Now I'm thinking it's going to make me crazy until the place sells. Not because I'm worried that it won't sell, but because I'm going to be wondering what it was about my house that each person didn't like. I'm just a little bit of a perfectionist, you know.

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martha said...

Wild woman! It's so hard selling and buying houses with little ones to take care of and homeschooling!! I feel your pain!