Another day, another diaper... We had a fun weekend with Grammie in town for half of it. Doug and I actually got to go out and have some coffee alone on Friday night while Grammie stayed home with the baby monitor (lila was already in bed for the night). It was so nice to just get in the car and leave. No packing or loading or double-checking. Just walked out the door! It was also nice to have some time to talk without being interrupted or distracted by Lila.

Earlier on Friday evening, all four of us went out to Texadelphia for dinner and Lila provided the entertainment. She was doing the funniest things with her lips and tongue. I can't even describe it, but it was all very cute and I so wish that we'd had the video camera with us. I've tried to get it on camera since then, but Silly Head hasn't done it for more than a few seconds at at time since that evening. Oh well - we will remember how cute it was anyway! :)

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