Hey, it finally stopped raining! And there's not even any rain in the forcast. Watch - we had about 15" of rain in June and now we won't get one drop in July! :o)~

By the way, in case you needed to know, it is not worth it to drive to a shop on the other side of town just because they have the best prices. Especially not when you're in Austin and in order to get to said shop you have to go south on I-35! I just spent 30-40 minutes in traffic to get down to a little shop where we took a couple of pair of pants to be hemmed. I'm pretty sure the gas to go and return twice must have doubled the cost!

I'm planning to enter a fiction writing contest that I found out about. I will have to submit a 1500 word short story and I've already spent a lot of time thinking about what my story will be. I think my most creative juices flow around 11 p.m.

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