Well, there's not much going on to talk about right now. But, I haven't posted in a couple of days, so I thought I'd better say *something*.

We've actually been hanging out with friends again lately. Our schedule has been so icky for a while that we haven't really had time to do much extraneous socializing. But this weekend was actually not packed out, so we were able to share meals with a couple of friends. It's nice to see people... :)

Our neighbors across the street have two cats, named Baby and Kitty. Baby has decided that we're her back-up humans. Whenever our neighbors are out of town, we take care of the kitties. Now Baby has decided that she can come to our place and bring us home whenever she wants. We'll go out into the front yard and she'll come jingling across the street and try to get us to follow her back. She's quite cute - a little thing with no tail. And she likes to do these power meows that are like one long string of sound. "MOWwowWOWwowWOWwowWOW!"

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