Some tidbits...

I missed seeing Jessica Simpson at Petco today by about 2 minutes. The staff was all star struck. I don't have any particular opinion about Jessica, but meeting her in person would have been interesting.

I can't stand System of a Down. If you like this band, please skip to the next paragraph because I'm about to vent. The song writing is pretentious. The vocals are painful. The music is like a poor imitation of someone else's work. Why are they popular!?!

My brother's wedding went well. The couple is now married and off enjoying Disney World! I might post some photos . . . if I can remember how to do it.

One July wedding down, two to go...

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Anonymous said...

thats funny about System of a Down. I've tried listening to them but I too find them very painful. my little bro listens to them and I just can't figure out why. weird. maybe we are just too old to "get them". Funny about jessica too. why was she in petco. funny. I think ashlee is cuter :0) fun pictures you posted. woohoo - weddings everywhere.