Things that have to be said far too often in our home:

1. There is no such thing as "I was gonna."

As in, I was gonna play with that toy. I was gonna sit there. And so on...

If you aren't holding it, then you aren't playing with it. If your butt isn't in it, then it's not your seat.

(This one really pisses the kids off.)

2. I don't want to hear "Okay!" I want to see your body doing what I asked you to do.

This is usually followed by an exasperated "OKAY!" and no motion.

They really don't get it.

3. Don't worry about your brother. You make sure that you are doing what you're supposed to do.

Did I ask you whether or not your brother is brushing his teeth? No. I told you to brush your teeth.

Come on!

4. Please put clothes on your body.

This one seems pretty obvious to me, but I guess it's not. Especially to a 5-year-old boy.

No joke, he came downstairs a couple of weeks ago in nothing but his button-up white school shirt and a pair of black socks.

5. Please speak to me in English.

I do not speak kitty, cheetah, puppy, panda, or Lilish. If you want me to understand what you are saying, then you have to use English words.

Preferably in polite and complete sentences.

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