Who set the wild donkey free? -- Job 39:5

I had some fajitas for lunch yesterday. Turns out they were not entirely gluten-free, so I spent the typical 24 hours in bed. I think the most annoying - though minor - reaction I have to eating gluten is that it makes my tongue feel weird. That means that food doesn't taste right, so the comfort foods that I crave when I'm sick don't satisfy. Meh.

I've been missing Charlie a lot more lately. I long for my big, fuzzy buddy. I love our other animals, but I don't think I'll ever have another pet that I'm as close to as I was with Charlie. There were multiple times that he and I would talk to one another and someone would comment, "It's like you're having a conversation!" Well, duh. We were! I miss his big giant head and his impossibly furry belly.

The pumpkin situation in our house is out of control.

At the beginning of the month, I bought 2 medium-sized ones for decoration and later carving. Then Grammie came over and brought 2 small ones, for the kids to paint. Then the kids came home from Grammie's house with 8 more even-smaller ones. Then they got to paint pumpkins at the Sweet Berry Farms field trip - that's 2 more. Then Eli spotted a wheelbarrow full of tiny pumpkins outside school a couple of weeks ago and convinced me to buy 2 of them. That's 16 pumpkins! SIXTEEN!

I had to lay down the law - to myself as much as anyone else - that no more pumpkins would be entering our household this year!

Does anyone else out there watch How I Met Your Mother? This won't mean anything to you if you've never seen the show. I just started watching it from the beginning recently (on Netflix). As we were getting ready to leave the house the other day, I was trying to get Eli to change into his swim suit. Without even thinking, I found myself saying, "Suit up!"

I could go on giving out random bits of information for a very long time, but Doug is waiting patiently for me to finish this update so that we can have a schedule sync. Don't even get me started on how busy we've been this Fall...

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