Sure, they like me. But this guy is their favorite!
No man is poor who has a godly mother. -- Abraham Lincoln

Doug's away at an audio conference (which I believe to be an excuse for audio geeks to get together to drink beer and have jam sessions) and things are going swimmingly. I never worry as much when his travels are within driving distance and only for a few days. It's when he gets on an airplane that I get twitchy. The longer he has to be on the airplane, the more twitchy I get. And the longer he's gone, the more starved for grown-up conversation I get!

But this trip is nearby and only takes him away for three nights, of which this is the second. Yesterday was easy because the kids were at school for most of the day. Today, being a homeschool day, presented a much bigger challenge, so I started off my morning by praying that God would give me a double-dose of patience, since I'd be filling the role of two parents. Lila, Eli, and I were together from waking to bedtime - so many opportunities for conflict!

Thankfully, it was a great day. I was uncommonly flexible. (i tend to get very protective of our schedule and routine on homeschool days.) We were able to get all of our school work done in plenty of time for chores and playtime and a surprise dinner out to Kerbey Lane. The only time I got grouchy was right around bath time. Not much of a surprise. That is my least favorite part of the day because I'm always tired by that point and I don't like getting my hands wet.

(I know. I have issues. This is not news to me.)

Now, if I can just manage to get both kids ready and off to school ON TIME tomorrow morning, then I think it will be smooth sailing until Doug gets home on Thursday!

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