I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man. -- D. L. Moody

When I have my prayer time in the mornings, I nearly always journal about what I said, heard, and/or felt during that time. Then I go back and look at my journal entry from one month prior. This morning I read an entry from September 20th, in which I wrote:

"I feel such freedom this week (as I disengage the chains of my media addiction). Father God, thank You for giving me the energy and motivation to go and watch that documentary (Captivated), for enabling me to look honestly at myself and see what was not glorifying to You (and harmful to me), for giving me the drive to make changes, and for giving me the power to follow through!"

Sidebar: Yes, I do use that many parentheses when writing in my journal. Let's just say that I have a complicated brain.

My first thought, after reading this, was, "Wow! That was only a month ago!" I double-checked and, sure enough, I watched the documentary on September 16th. It seems like so much longer ago! The changes I made felt huge at first, but now they are the new norm. Not always EASY, mind you. But normal. I'd like to think of this as proof that I adapt quickly.

After I finished with my journal, I picked up the Bible and read a passage that included the following verse:

"'However, they will become his servants so that they may recognize the difference between serving Me and serving the kingdoms of other lands." (2 Chronicles 12:8 - God speaking)

I started seeing connections. I thought about the disgust I felt when I realized how much I had given myself as a slave to TV, Facebook, Candy Crush, etc. I thought about the freedom and joy I quickly began to feel once they were gone. I thought of God's words and how He will allow his Children to become servants to other "kings" for a time, so that they may know the difference between serving those false kings and serving the true King.

And I became grateful for my enslavement. Doesn't that sound odd? But it's because of that period of blind devotion to false kings that I feel, by contrast, the wild freedom of serving my true King! I praise God and his INFINITE Wisdom!

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