All's well on the baby front this week. And the baby back. I still have the cutest baby in the world! Right now she's looking particularly stylish in her little Longhorn polo onsie. :) She still likes to look at the baby in the mirror, but not as much as she likes to play with this musical flowers toy she has. Right now she's licking it...

She seems to think that Mommy and Daddy are pretty fun to play with too. Sometimes she'll just stare at me for a long time like she's mesmerized - it's really sweet! I thought it would be too early for her to show a real interest in books, but I've been reading them to her anyway. However, she's already staring at the pictures and reaching for the books!

She's still refusing to do much head lifting for us, but we at least know that she *can*. She does really like to be held sitting up so that she can look around freely.

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