I find myself with a rare lack of things to talk about today. So I guess you'll get random thoughts... Does anyone know how to go about getting published in a magazine? I mean, I haven't done any research myself yet, but I'd like to submit a funny story or a devotional or anything really, but I don't know where to begin.

Have I told you about trying to take my child's thumb off while trimming her nails? It was the first time I'd gotten any skin and it was pretty bad. I mean, it was a tiny little boo-boo, but it was on a tiny little thumb, so it looked really bad. She even ended up with two miniscule dots of blood on her shirt. I felt awful! Especially since she had just had her shots at the doctor the day before and wasn't feeling very well. She, of course, recovered from the ordeal much more quickly than I did!

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