If you are pretty sure that a discussion of baby poop will disgust you, then don't read this post.

We started giving Lila a vitamin supplement on Monday (because, according to the pediatrician, breastfed babies don't get enough vitamin d). On Tuesday, her poopie turned green! I was pretty sure this was due to the vitamin, but called the doctor's office just to check. Turns out that, yes, the Iron in the vitamins we're giving her can make the poopie change color and/or consistency. Call back if they get firm, difficult to pass, or mucousy.

Okay, so this morning she had one that I would describe as mucousy (it was also abundant and smelly). I called the doctor's office again and spoke to a different nurse who said she didn't really worry about mucousy poopies (she didn't use the word 'poopie') unless the baby is also acting like she doesn't feel well. Well, Lila seems to be feeling fine, she just has weird poopies! :o)~

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