Lila laughed out loud for the first time while awake yesterday! She's done it in her sleep a couple of times, which is very funny to hear. Yesterday I was holding her and she just laughed. I'm not sure she did it because she thought something was funny or just because it was a noise to make though. She wasn't smiling when she did it. I got all excited and made the noise back at her and she did it again! Too cute!

Doug did something funny yesterday too - he spewed a mouthful of water all over the kitchen table. He was taking a drink and I said something that he thought was funny (i wasn't *trying* to be funny) and choked and - SPEW! It surprised me and I screamed, which I thought for sure would wake Lila up since she was asleep in the living room, but she slept right through it! Maybe you had to be there, but it was very funny. :)

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