Lila is almost three months old. While I can't believe she's getting so big, it also feels like we've had a baby for longer than three months! Crazy! She's still a happy girl who talks (coos) a lot. In fact, she's currently talking to the ceiling fan. Makes lots of funny noises, but it's still mostly grunts and coos. She gave a real laugh for the first time this weekend - in her sleep!

I talk to her a lot, of course. Sometimes we have little conversations and Doug and I amuse ourselves greatly by "interpreting" what she's saying. I read an idea about putting a tape recorder by her to preserve her first sounds. I don't think we actually have a tape recorder, but we can record her talking with the video camera. She probably won't appreciate the videos of herself until she's grown, but I enjoy them.

We have a funny clip of Doug making her dance when she was just about a month old and I've made nearly everyone who has come into our house since then watch it! :o)~

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