Doug and I are going to see the new Harry Potter movie at noon! Hehe hehe hehe... We're going to see it at the Alamo Drafthouse where they are serving Butterbeer and Pumpking Juice and other Harry Potterish things! :o)~

So, I've already started packing Lila's bags for our trip to Houston. The non-essential things, obviously. I also have an ongoing list of things that we'll need to make sure we remember to pack before we go. Baby wipes, Extra Pacifier, Manual Breast Pump (do i have one of those?), Pack 'n' Play, Boppy, etc. etc. etc. I know that even if I forget something, it will be fine.

I just want the trip to be as smooth and bump-free as possible. Lila keeps us on our toes enough without me forgetting to bring something essential. Like socks. We don't want those *teeny tiny toes* to get cold!

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