Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week?!? Time has been going by so quickly since Lila was born. I feel like the holidays are going to be over before I know it! We're going to visit Doug's family in Houston for Thanksgiving. This will be our first trip with Lila and I'm a bit nervous. She is generally a really easy baby and doesn't mind being in the car.

However, driving to Houston is a bit different than just driving across town. I'm guessing that one of us will be riding in the back seat at least part of the time and I want to stop periodically to take her out of the car seat and play for a few minutes. So... this trip might take more than the usual 2.5 hours! This will also be our first overnight visit since she was born, which means that we'll be packing a *lot* of stuff. I hope I don't forget anything!

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