Lila was officially 3 months old on Monday. She's such a big girl! As you can see from the photos below, she did her first little baby push-up in the bath a couple of nights ago. She still won't do it outside the bath though. We give her at leat a few minutes of belly time every day, but she doesn't like it. She'll either get frustrated and fussy or just start falling asleep (or both). At least we know now that she *can* lift herself up! She's also good at rotating in a clockwise direction while lying on her back. :o)~

She's totally into looking at what's around her now. And she usually decides the most interesting thing is whatever requires her to crane her neck into an unnatural position to see it!

Well, it's off to Houston in a few hours. Here's hoping the drive is uneventful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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