Doug, Lila, and I got back to town yesterday evening and are all enjoying the comforts of home! We had a *great* time in Houston and it was hard to leave, but once we got back here I realized how much I missed my house. :) Lila was pretty much the center of the universe while we were at Grammie and Papa Joe's. She got more attention than she even wanted sometimes, but she handled it very well!

Funny and disturbing - she waited until we got home last night to poop, at which point it had been almost exactly ONE WEEK since the last time she did it! Eek! Doug is battling our laundry monster today and doing a fabulous job! There was quite a bit needing to be washed before we left and after we tossed in all the clothes from the trip it was just ridiculous. Now it's off to church in a little while and a relaxing day of spending time together...

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