Brief baby update: Lila is staying very busy these days, looking at and listening to all the things around her. She is starting to get into touching things too (faces, toys). I've assisted her in petting the kitties so she can feel their soft fur (and to get them used to it)! She enjoys looking at (and sometimes grabbing for) all of her toys, but Frilly the pink stuffed horse is her definite favorite.

Now for a story: My cousin Meredith got married this weekend. The wedding went great and she looked like she stepped from the pages of a bridal magazine. Beautiful! It was a fun reception and Lila got a *lot* of attention. After my aunt Teresa got through with her, she had lipstick marks all over both cheeks! We kept her out pretty late though and by the time we got home she was so tired she was just nuts!

Here's the part that could only happen to me... During the reception, Lila had a poopie. So, I grabbed all the gear for changing here and headed for the ladies' room. The reception was at a really nice place so it had very nice restrooms as well. Well decorated and solid wood doors on the stalls. One of the stalls was larger than the other and had a little table in there (not ideal for changing a diaper, but passable since I'd have my hands on lila the whole time) so that's where we went for the change.

I carried Lila in, closed the door, locked it, and then checked the door handle to make sure it was really locked... and the handle came off in my hand. I did not panic at this point because the lock was a separate knob that you turn and I figured I could pull on that to open the door. So I went on with the diaper change, got Lila clothed again, loaded everything up, unlocked the door and pulled.

Nothing. The door wouldn't open. We were LOCKED in the bathroom! Okay, not to worry - I'll call out to someone else in the restroom and they can open the door from the outside. I started calling and no one could hear me! I knew there were people out there because I could hear them, but between the wood door and the party going on they couldn't hear me!

At this point I did begin to get kind of freaked out. And to make matters worse, Lila (who was already getting quite tired) could tell that I was freaked out so she got scared and started crying. My child does not cry. She fusses, but I can count on my fingers the number of times she's really cried! So I'm locked in the bathroom with my crying baby and no one can hear me!

I tried to calm her down, but it wasn't working so I had to put her down (on the floor on her changing pad) and let her cry while I tried to get the door open. Not good for the nerves! I tried sticking the door handle back on or at least holding it on to turn the mechanism inside. No good. At this point I was imagining us being stuck in there until someone got worried enough to come and find us.

Then I noticed that there was a window in the room. Oh, please tell me it opens... it does! So I open the window (i've picked lila up by now, but she's still crying) and look out. There just happens to be one guy out there enjoying the view, so I start calling to him. I'm pretty sure he thought I was a total fruitcake, but he came close enough for me to tell him that we were locked in the ladies' room and ask for help.

While he was gone getting someone to rescue us, I was wondering if the door would even open from the outside. I was picturing myself having to hand the baby out the window to someone and then climbing out in my dress and heels. Oy. Thankfully, someone who worked there came and let us out - the door opened without a problem. I was only annoyed that she didn't seem to think this was a big deal at all!

Once we were out and among the people again I started to calm down and Lila started to calm down. I gave her to Doug for some snuggles since *he* wasn't the one who had locked her in a bathroom. Whew! That's going to make me think twice about going into one of those full-door bathrooms again. Especially with a baby!

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michele said...

yikes. that sounds like quite an adventure. Glad you escaped to tell about it.