But it's so cute!

I'm not sure who's more obsessed with animals - me or my daughter. We both love anything small and furry. Or large and furry. Or large and not furry. Basically, if it's warm-blooded, then we want one. I also love snakes, but I'm not sure I could bring myself to feed mice to one. Lila is terribly afraid of bees and mosquito hawks (of all things), but she nearly cried the other night when I wouldn't let her rescue a moth from Cookie. In fact, she did cry once when I found some disgusting-looking larva in my house and threw it away.

She wanted me to release it into the wild. Um, no. I was afraid it might be a termite or something. (Plus, it was totally grossing me out.)

If we had every animal that we've asked Doug to let us bring home, we would own (at least):

A dozen cats
A few dogs
A goat
A bird or two
A chameleon
Several cages of rodents - mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.
A hedgehog
Two horses
A cow
A vegetarian python
A large tortoise
A sugar glider
A bunny

That's not even addressing the more exotic creatures we'd love to own. Like a koala.

For now, we content ourselves by visiting Cute Overload as often as possible.

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