Food Waste and a Rash

Honestly, I wasn't sure that butternut squash could go bad, but I managed it. Back in December, I made butternut hummus for a block party. It was very well-received and our neighbor asked for the recipe. I figured I'd do even better and make a batch for her. I bought the squash just before Christmas, with the intention of making the hummus just after Christmas. Instead, I got sick and stayed that way for 5 days. Then school started, etc. You get the idea. The result = squishy squash.

Doug did some massive trimming/pruning/clearing out in our yard a couple of weeks ago and now he's got poison something-or-other all over his arms. For the second year in a row. This leads me to 4 points:

1. There is poison something-or-other lurking in our yard and we don't know what or where it is. Doug is the only one who's ever had a problem with it, so whatever-it-is must be in an out of the way spot. Still, not a comforting idea. We've already got stinging nettle to watch out for!

2. Doug needs to wear long sleeves and long pants when doing yard work. Even when it's a lovely warm day (in the middle of January). If he goes to the dermatologist with the same problem next year, she might smack him. If so, I want to watch.

3. My beloved husband is getting no love until all the poison something-or-other is gone from his body. I won't even sit on his side of the bed right now. "Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Honey. Now take your pus somewhere else."

4. The doctor put him on a 20-day regimen of steroids (along with an ointment) to clear this up. The 'Roid Rage jokes started before he even took the first dose. For years, Doug has been joking about building a PMS Shed in the back yard (for me, of course). I told him he could go ahead and build it, then live in it until he's through with the drugs.

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