Just what we need...

I will look at the pretty flowers and think simple thoughts.
Oh dear, Lila has started a new collection. She's already got more toys than she could possibly enjoy and she gets hostile if I throw anything away.

"Noooooo!" [weeping and gnashing of teeth] "That was my favorite piece of paper! Aaaaaaargh!" *

Now she has decided to collect empty tissue boxes to use as Polly Pocket houses. Over dinner, she and Doug were developing grand plans for a Polly Pocket Condo and Hotel. It sounds harmless enough (and rather inventive), but I know what that really means. I will be finding stomped and flattened tissue boxes all over my house and I won't be allowed to get rid of them.

She's even trying to make it sound like the environmentally responsible thing to do.

"This way I can use them again and we don't have to waste them by recycling them!"

*sigh* Why am I the only person in my house who likes to get rid of things?


* This actually happened.

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