I get to have a weekend away with two of my best friends and no kids. I am so excited! I plan to relax my butt off and laugh until I cry. Often. And I really don't think that anyone will be missing me much. The Daddy-Daughter Dance is on Friday, which will keep Doug and Lila entertained. Eli will spend that time with some of his grandparents. They both have gymnastics class on Saturday morning and Doug mentioned a trip to Chuck E. Cheese later in the day.

"Mom? What mom? . . . Do I have a mom?"

Meanwhile, I'm going to do wild and crazy things. Like, complete entire meals and conversations without interruption!

You know that scene from A Christmas Story where the family sits down to dinner, but every time the mother tries to take a bite of food, somebody asks for something? I never understood that scenario before I had kids! I was annoyed by the whole scene and couldn't figure out why she didn't just tell them to get up and help themselves. Then I had my own family. Now I'll find myself bouncing back out of my seat for the fifth time before I've even begun to eat, I think of that scene, and I have to laugh.

[Note: I wanted to embed that movie clip in my post, but I couldn't find it anywhere! After that, I decided I'd use another funny clip from the movie. Turns out that it's very difficult to find good quality 'A Christmas Story' clips online. Most of them are people filming their TV screen as they play the VHS tape. I'll give you another video of my children instead.]

Have I mentioned how much my son loves Adele?

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