Rambling and Ranting

Okay, there will be no photos with this post because I'm using a different computer and this one has no personal photos on it. For months now, I've been using a "loaner" computer that Doug brought home from work. It was supposed to be a temporary setup - until we bought a replacement for my poor old desktop (manufacturer rest it's soul). But then we didn't have the budget to buy a new computer and so I still had the loaner.. I've made myself quite comfortable on it!

Well, today Doug brought home a new system for me to test. If I like it, then I'll be getting one. The bad news: It runs Windows 8. My first test drive left me wanting to throw the computer on the ground and then stomp it to bits. After getting some dinner into my body and allowing Doug to install some driver updates, I think I'm getting the hang of it. I still want to pick up the system that I'm comfortable with though. So, all of that is to say, I'm making myself type out tonight's blog post on the new computer.

Lila, who just got her own e-reader/tablet for Christmas, started trying to get her hands on the loaner computer as soon as this new one came through the door. She's a major "wanter". If she sees something new or pretty or shiny - she wants it! There's no logic involved. She just wants. Human nature, I suppose. I told her to go use her own new toy and be content. I have long sworn that I would not have an e-reader in my house, but Doug convinced me that this would work well for Lila.

I refuse to read books on it myself though. I must have real book, made of real paper, with real pages to turn. Call me names if you will. I refuse to budge on this issue. I still dream of one day having a library with floor-to-ceiling shelves, lined with books. Rolling ladders! Wood paneling! Fireplace and squashy armchairs! If anyone sets foot in this fantasy sanctuary with an electronic device, they will be cast into the dungeon forthwith!

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