Under Foot

I'm really not sure who's worse about being under foot - the kids or the cats.

The Kids: I have a tendency to suddenly change my mind about what I'm doing, stop, turn around, and walk the other way. The kids follow me around so closely that I end up tripping over one of them half the time. That happens daily. This evening, there were three adults in the kitchen, all doing various tasks to get dinner on the table. There were also three kids milling about, not doing anything helpful. I swerved to avoid an adult and ended up kicking Eli in the foot so hard that I gouged him with my toenail!

The Cats: Charlie is mostly brown, with black stripes. We have a floor mat in the kitchen that is roughly the same shade of brown. Charlie has a white belly and feet, but you can't really see them when he's laying with his legs all tucked under. He likes to lay on the brown mat, with his feet all tucked under him... in the dark. It's like he wants to be kicked! And Cookie, whose food bowl is right next to the kitchen island, likes to eat with his tail sticking straight out behind him. I don't even know how many times it's been stepped on!

Add to all of this the fact that I can barely walk through a room without hurting myself (let's not forget that I hurt my eye with a tissue while attempting to blow my nose) and it's practically a circus around here!

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