Warning: Post Written Under Influence of Headache

I think this is the first evening in a week that I've been able to sit in a quiet room and type. It's this perfect little window of time while Doug is putting the kids to bed - the distractions of the day are done, but I haven't turned my brain off yet. I haven't had it for several days because Doug was sick, then there was the weekend, and then a school meeting last night. Since Christmas, it seems like there have been unusual circumstances popping up to muck with my schedule.

Tonight, all is as it should be. (Almost.) I cooked a wonderful corn chowder for dinner and we were able to relax together afterward. Now Doug is putting the kids to bed and the only sounds I'm hearing are the ones I want to hear. Now, if this headache would go away, it would be a near-perfect evening! I call this an Onion Headache. Cutting onions gives me headaches and makes my eyes feel icky for hours afterward. I am allergic to them and I don't even have to eat the silly things to have a reaction! I would quit cooking with them if they didn't add such good flavor!

(There are several foods that I cannot eat raw, due to allergies, but they don't bother me when cooked.)

I had a funny conversation about food with Eli yesterday. He was having The Usual for lunch - a peanut butter and pepperoni sandwich - and asked me if I'd like some pepperoni with my sandwich. There followed a very sweet discussion about why I choose not to eat animal products most of the time. He was really thinking about it and asking good questions. Then, he must have been considering whether or not he wanted to make the same commitment because he was quiet for a moment, then he said, "Dere's not many fings dat I eat.

I guess he realized that cutting animal products out of his diet leave him with very few food choices. He's a very thoughtful little guy. I am so fascinated by my children's personalities!

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