I like my kids. A lot.

I think Lila's favorite Christmas gift this year was the Barbie digital video camera that she got from Grammie and Papa Joe. I take a peek at her recordings every now and then and I've found some pretty entertaining things on there. She recorded parts of the Christmas celebrations, of course. She has followed both cats and her brother around, harassing them with the camera. She has recorded little scenes acted out with toys. She conspired with Grammie to record some news and weather reports.

I love it!

I have finally gotten serious about trying to teach Eli something before he goes to Pre-K. He's picked up most of his knowledge and skills by natural ability and observing his sister. He can count pretty well, up to 20. (Although he has an inexplicable bias against the number 12. We've tried to convince him that you can't just decide to skip a number because you don't like it. So far, he's standing firm.) He's got wicked fine motor skills too. He is as good at Jenga as I am and he is so good at coloring that he's spurred Lila to try harder!

Now if only they could be in the same room for more than 30 seconds without getting into a fist fight...

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