I am typing this in a state of bliss.

One of my very favorite places to eat, before discovering my gluten intolerance, was Texadelphia. In fact, I ate there weekly while I was pregnant with Eli. They have great cheese steaks and (nearly) perfect french fries! Sadly, there is nothing gluten-free about the place, so we had to stop eating there two years ago and I've been mourning the loss ever since. The other day, I was craving a cheese steak so badly that I decided I would take us there, bring my own gluten-free bread, and ask them for a bowl of meat and toppings to go on it. Once I got some other food into my body, I realized that what a bad idea that was.

Skip forward to today. This was my week to choose our restaurant for Family Dinner Out and I decided on Wholly Cow Burgers. Doug and I ate there once before, on a date night, and I had a burger. It was super-tasty, but the french fries left something to be desired. However, it's the only place around here (that I know of) where you can get gluten-free buns and I was craving meat. We got to the counter... I looked at the menu... and saw... Wholly Cheesesteak! With bated breath, I asked if they could serve that on gluten-free bread - and they said yes! (Cue the trumpets!)

This is what my face looked like when I saw the menu.

It was the best thing I have ever tasted. I devoured the entire thing with all the passion that two years of unfulfilled craving can produce. The meat was perfectly cooked and the whole thing was gooey with cheese. It was the most un-vegan meal in the world and I loved it! I confessed to Doug that I was feeling particularly affectionate toward the person who had cooked my cheese steak and he escorted me out of the restaurant before I could start embarrassing anyone.

To all my Gluten-Free Austinite friends: Go directly to Wholly Cow and order the Wholly Cheesesteak on gluten-free bread. You will thank me.*

*I accept thanks in the form of Wholly Cow gift cards.

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