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I had just taken a shower. I stepped out and dried off. My eye was hurting like there was something in it. I leaned in very close to the mirror and pulled my eyelid down. There it was! An eyelash, poking me in the eyeball. I began to carefully nudge it out with my finger.

Meanwhile, my children were plotting evil. They crept up to the bathroom door. They let out ear-splitting shrieks. They took off running. I almost lost an eye. They are lucky that I was naked and they were fast.

Since they got such a delightful reaction out of me the first time, the sneak-up-and-scream became a game. I tried to ignore them and go about my business of getting dressed. The runninng (they became less sneaky with each round) and screaming got annoying.

I heard them coming. I snuck out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. As Lila rounded the corner into my room, I jumped out and yelled. She screamed and ran. I won. Hah! . . . Then I noticed that she was carrying her video camera. Did she have that with her the first time?

So, my daughter may or may not have video evidence of me nearly poking my own eye out. In front of a full-length mirror. While naked. With a towel on my head. I should make sure that disappears before she's old enough to have her own Facebook page.

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Susan Jordan said...

That is great! You can keep each other in line with your respective ammunition!