Food Waste Confession

Well, this was not a good week for No Waste Rules! The thyme, though I used it in two meals, went bad before I could use the rest.

The avocado was a loss due to my own negligence. Most of the avocados they had at the store that day were hard as rocks! I bought the ripest one I could find and brought it home. I made one cut into it with the knife and I could tell that it was nowhere near being ready to eat. Rather than putting it in the fridge, I put it back in the bowl on the counter. I don't know what I was thinking. By the time we tried cutting it again, it was gross. Doug ate some of it, but the rest had to go.

And don't be fooled by that celery. It may look okay, but it had achieved the flexibility of al dente pasta. Actually, it looks like it was approaching the color of pasta as well.

I am very happy to say, however, that I haven't had to throw away any leftovers in... long enough that I don't remember. That used to be my biggest problem. I would make dinner, pack up the leftovers, then let them sit in the fridge until they went bad. Do my children appreciate being presented with the same soup three nights in a row? No. Do I feel great knowing that I'm putting healthy food in front of my children every night, and not wasting any of it? YES!

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