Well, after being sick for nearly a week, I'm feeling *almost* normal today. Sadly, Lila now has a runny nose. She doesn't have a fever, but you can tell she's just feeling a little "under the weather" and is extra sleepy. Either she has allergies as well (which is possible) or what I had was actually a cold and now she has it. :(

My child mocked me for the first time yesterday. Okay, maybe that wasn't her intention, but it sure seemed like it! Whenever I'd cough, which was frequently, she'd make fun of me! She thought I was trying to play the game where we fake cough at each other. This game started during the time when her favorite sound to make was a fake cough. Only I wasn't faking this time! It was really funny though. There was at least one time when she was nursing and I coughed and she stopped eating to look up at me and cough back. :)

And now I have committed the heinous crime of turning my back on Lila and she is crying like I've stabbed her. I must go and rescue my poor, puny child. It's a good thing she didn't inherit my flair for drama...

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